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About Us


Who Tim Was and Who We Strive To Be

Timothy Smith was a versatile actor, entertainer, comedian, and filmmaker who was preparing for a career in show business. Although Tim had humble beginnings and health challenges he courageously set out to make a positive impact in the entertainment field and left us a legacy of excellence. He immersed himself in understanding the entertainment field and had skills and experience in film production, editing, directing, acting, photography and videography, lighting, sound, casting, screenplay writing, marketing and merchandising, social media, music, stand-up comedy, set design, fundraising, management, film and production crew and much more. He loved the industry and all it had to offer both professionally and for personal fulfillment. He also had a kind and caring heart for those pursuing similar interests, and had a passion to encourage and motivate others to pursue their dreams. The purpose of this fund is to help artists to reach their potential in various talents and vocations who also would like to positively affect the entertainment or media industry with excellence. Tim would tell you that "leaving your comfort zone is not for the weak." Keep the faith.
Tim was born in Big Spring, Texas February 21, 1995. He was raised in Saratoga, Wyoming and moved to Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, California in 2013 where he earned a BA degree in cinema arts. Tim loved Wyoming and the outdoors and worked at the Brush Creek Ranch for three seasons. He also received the Eagle Scout award during high school. He also loved California and the entertainment industry. He was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2009 and courageously fought back until a seizure ended his life on July 5, 2018. He worked hard to achieve some of his goals. He was signed on to the American Models and Actors Agency in March of 2018 in Santa Ana, California.

Tim had the opportunity to audition for commercials, films, and online projects.

He also created his own content through writing and directing.Tim had a bright future ahead of him in entertainment. 

This memorial fund has been established to provide students of various arts with scholarships to assist them with their dreams. Also, a purpose of the fund is to help families who have children with medical and financial challenges. The Timothy Smith Memorial Fund is under the 501c3 non-profit organization “Christ is the Answer” incorporation in the state of Wyoming which his grandfather, Rev. Eugene Smith, an Assembly of God Minister, founded in 1976. Tim was a devoted Christian and desired to glorify God through his art and inspire people to create art and to help them and others to persevere in difficult times. This was the heart of his motive for his work in the arts. 
Those of you who would like to donate to the fund may do so through this fundraiser page. The goal is to keep the fund perpetual to help students, assist families, and make a positive difference in the world of arts and entertainment. Thank you for your giving.

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How to get a scholarship!

For students who are interested in applying for an arts scholarship, please submit a 500 word essay

describing yourself, your current work in the arts, and the direction that you are pursuing. Include your goals and purpose in the field that you are in. Deadlines are December 31 for the spring of 2019 and May 31 for the fall of 2019. Your essay will be reviewed and answered within 2-3 months.
We have three scholarships to be given this year and wish the best to all who apply!


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How to Help

There are two great ways that you can help us help others!

  • We currently accept donations through Paypal and by check to the listed address below. These donations will become scholarships given to students of the arts.

  • We are also happy to accept donation of services such as headshots, classes, workshops, etc. Anything that you have to offer that could help advance someone else's dream!

If you have any questions or would like to donate a service or your time, please use the contact form below and let us know! 

If you would like to donate via Paypal, please click the "Donate" button directly below and follow the instructions provided. Thank you for all of your support!

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